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Maintenance Management Plan - Maintenance Management Plan

Maintenance Management Plan

Only $98/per month per unit.


Maintenance is a necessary part of owning rental property. Ultimately, your tenants should also be involved in seasonal maintenance and should be responsible for certain preventative tasks, such as changing air filters and cleaning food out of drains. They should also inform landlords of issues before they turn into big problems (e.g., debris clogging gutters or signs of a leak).
However, no matter how ideal the resident, appliances will break, hot water heaters can fail, A/C systems need maintenance and plumbing systems need attention. Even if issues arise as soon as a tenant moves in, the resident has usually inherited many years of hidden wear and tear prior to their arrival.
Over the course of a year, labor costs for repairs can really add up.
Subscribing to our Maintenance Management Program for only $98/month helps to smooth out the ups and downs of routine and unexpected maintenance on your property, which creates a more predictable cash flow and can also have significant economic benefits. With JW Properties’ Maintenance Management Program, we cover the labor on repairs to your home for only $98/month.

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Locally Owned, Family-Run - Maintenance Management Plan

Locally Owned, Family-Run


Our company manages properties for owners all throughout the New Orleans metro area. We have been setting property management standards and have proven to be one of the area’s most successful real estate management companies. We are a locally owned family-run business. Because we aren’t a “big box” company, we are able to forge personal relationships with our clients. Being a family business, we truly understand the value of your property and your commitment to its well-being.

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Professional and efficient
– Katie Pitre, Single Family Home in River Ridge, LA